Why We Rock

Perfect Proofing System

We don't assume the pre-sort software process is perfect. Our system generates internal emails to alert staff — in different departments, at the appropriate time — when they need to take action to ensure proper execution of the job. We also send samples and tracking numbers to you so you can monitor the accuracy and the progress of your job.

We don't stop there. We put each piece of your direct mail through the paces of our Perfect Proofing System. That means Franklin's camera technology scans pieces of direct mail to the point of verifying that the right version of a variable-data or personalized mail job is going to the right person, in the right way.

Perfect Proofing Process

If duplicates or errors are detected, they're destroyed and replaced so you don't pay extra for shipping. If our team members find a problem, they're empowered to stop a job immediately on the plant floor and alert our management team with a click of a single button. Work resumes only after all elements of the direct mail project are checked, corrected and verified for accuracy.

World-Class Checklists

As a first line of defense against mistakes, we generate a unique checklist for each of your direct mail jobs. In every department, checklist items are laser-scanned. Should anything remain undone, it's caught there. What's more, a supervisor in each department must sign off on checklist completion and accuracy. With our World-Class Checklists, we catch errors before they enter the real world.

Quality Circle Committee

On rare occasions when mistakes occur, our Quality Circle Committee convenes. The members scrutinize why the error occurred, what part of the process failed and what quality measures must be taken to prevent a recurrence. At Franklin, our pursuit of the Perfect Proofing System parallels our commitment to providing the most powerful data-driven direct mail in the industry.