Who We Are

We Walk the Walk

Franklin didn't join the environmental bandwagon yesterday. We've been trumpeting environmental awareness for two decades as part of our sustainable business model.

Early on, we recognized that what's good for the environment is good for our health, good for our customers and good for business.

Here's How We practice what we preach:


100% Ultraviolet Inks

We rely exclusively on UV inks that dry instantly and emit extremely low levels of ozone and volatile organic compounds. Few firms can make the same claim.

Drop of Water

Resource Management

Franklin's environmental stewardship extends to all of our operations. Emissions are reduced to the lowest possible level, energy-reducing technologies are deployed throughout our facilities, water conservation is practiced and wastewater discharges meet or exceed all regulations.


Resource Management

We collect all waste paper created by our work, bale it and sell it to a paper recycler. When designing direct mail jobs, we select paper sizes to minimize waste from the outset.


As early as 1993, Franklin illustrated the importance of environmental stewardship by printing and distributing the comic book Ecoman to schoolchildren. We're still learning today. And when we find a great way to improve the environment, we encourage our employees, suppliers and customers to adopt the idea, too.