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FranklingForward ACS
Say Goodbye to Returned Mail with FranklinForward ACS

Eliminate returned mail fees and download your returned mail data electronically so you can update your database automatically.

Returned Mail by the Numbers

Returned Mail "The Old-Fashioned Way"

When using an ancillary endorsement on your Standard Class mail (Returned Service Requested, etc.), you receive the physical mail piece back with a "yellow sticker" - and get charged a hefty fee for each returned piece. For Standard Class, without an endorsement, UAA (Undeliverable As Addressed) mail is discarded by the post office - but not always. A few pieces may still come back physically, giving you a false sense of security about how clean (or not clean!) your mailing list is.

Returned Mail with FranklinForward ACS

Instead of mailing the old-fashioned way, we send your mailings with an ACS indicator in the IMb (Intelligent Mail barcode). The ACS indicator tells the USPS to send your returned mail data back to Franklin electronically. The details (including name, address, and unique identifier when provided) are readily available on our Client Portal for you to download and use to correct or inquire about undeliverable addresses.

The FranklinForward ACS service is FREE, and you’ll have eliminated returned mail fees altogether!

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How Does ACS Work?
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What Kind of Data Can I Anticipate?

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