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Smart Certified
Eliminate the need for “green cards” with our online SmartCertified mail product

Have the need to send letters via Certified Mail, but tired of filling out forms and green cards manually – or paying an arm and a leg to have someone handle it for you? Let our SmartCertified product go to work for you!

Significant Postage Savings

By replacing the “green card” with a barcode that’s printed on your mail pieces, we eliminate the cost associated with physical return receipts – saving you $1.20 per piece! The return receipts (with signature) will instead be available electronically via our Client Portal – where you can print and/or save them for your records.

Online Detailed Tracking Information

Because your SmartCertified mail contains a standardized certified barcode, we receive detailed tracking information back from the USPS at every step of the delivery process. This tracking information, with a date and time stamp for every status we receive, is available for you to view on our Client Portal – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Online Return Receipts with Signature

As noted above, your delivery records (with recipient signature) are transmitted to us electronically via secure channels, and are available via our SSL-encrypted Client Portal for you to print, download and save.

Compliance Option

This optional add-on gives you online access to a copy of each original letter, in addition to the detailed tracking information and delivery records mentioned above – all conveniently located in our Client Portal.

Like every job that enters our facility, your FranklinAPI-driven projects will be governed by our commitments to security, quality, and fast turnaround times.

Ready to “go smart” with your certified mail? Enter your contact information below and click ‘Contact Me’, and we’ll be in touch very soon to discuss how we can make SmartCertified work for you!