Why We Rock

We Deliver

The Extraordinary

Every Day

Our customers will tell you the reason we rock has nothing to do with smoke and mirrors and everything to do with determination and intelligence.

Franklin is the best direct mail vendor you'll ever meet, with the most accurate, automated, timely and cost-effective distribution you'll ever find in one package.

Being that determined means we're stubborn about the important things. We'll work three shifts, any day of the week, to ensure your direct mail deadlines are met. Our relationships with FedEx's Memphis hub and other major shippers allow us to take unusually late orders for next-day delivery. Like you, we're committed to making things work when time is short.

We know today's marketing world demands short turnaround times. And we build our business end-to-end to make that happen. We create cool, real-world applications like Continuous Capacity to make first-rate successes of last-minute jobs. But beyond speed, we deliver uncommon quality. Our team surrounds your direct mail with Franklin software solutions that scrub databases to remove duplicate addresses and faulty information.

We generate a Virtual Ticket that guides our professionals with precise instructions for printing your job accurately. And we generate World-Class Checklists to back up your work. World-Class Checklists are among our greatest software triumphs. Here's why:


  • We learned long ago that no two jobs are identical, so we treat them uniquely and check them with unique lists.
  • We create a custom checklist for your job the moment your data and instructions arrive.
  • We repeatedly laser-scan that checklist to make certain your job is done correctly.
  • Your job can't leave one department for another until a supervisor signs off on the completeness and correctness of work in the department.
  • By combining data intelligence and human perseverance, we've become masters of the checklist universe - a universe where you are king.

We also watch your back with a Perfect Proofing System that uses camera-scanning technology to validate each piece of mail. We bundle your deliveries in batches that target the lowest possible shipping costs.

And we provide e-mail alerts that allow you to check the status of your job at any time via our Mail Piece Tracking system. Building a system to keep tabs on so many functions isn't easy. But we do it to deliver an extraordinary experience every day.