Why We Rock

Data Security

Data Security Checkboxes We use the latest information security tools to provide virus protection, to ensure that sufficient bandwidth is always available, and to buffer our websites so that only valid traffic can gain access. What's more, information shared between our Baton Rouge and Memphis facilities moves over a Virtual Private Network protected by our firewalls. And we back up and store all data in a third facility off-site.

Years ago, we recognized a simple truth: Complex direct mail jobs pose more challenges than the human brain, unaided, can conquer quickly. So we harnessed technology to create secure data solutions, such as FranklinFast.

The result is a fast, accurate online system for correcting, verifying and certifying addresses. After a fast upload and sorting, clients can receive proofs as quickly as 15 minutes later. It's one of many tools we use to manage data securely and professionally.