What We Do

Data Management

The Customer is King.

We're the army that secures the kingdom.

The data doesn't lie. In the proper hands, it speeds the progress of direct mail to your customers in strategic ways that yield a successful outcome. Just how good are our hands? If we sold insurance, Allstate would need a new line.

That's another way of saying our data managers make you look really smart to customers. Even before projects approach the printing stage, we verify your critical customer information, and we handle that data with kid gloves.

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Data Hygiene

Our intelligent sorting squares you with the most accurate records maintained by the U.S. Postal Service through CASS postal code and National Change of Address software. We clean your databases in other ways to produce accurate mail, labels and printing instructions, and we deliver those services without a human hand touching the product. Along the way, though, we place many human hands and eyes on your work. We even train camera-scanning technology on each piece of your direct mail to ensure that errors are eliminated.

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Drop Shipping

In the data world, we know that accuracy isn't the only thing that matters. Cost and accountability matter, too. If you move 7,500 pieces of mail or more to a region served by one Sectional Center Facility, we'll arrange discounts that drop your shipping charges below Standard Mail costs. We deliver the savings to you while delivering your mail at an even faster pace than Standard Mail.

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Automated Services

We produce direct mail with Intelligent Mail bar codes recognized by the U.S. Postal Service. That means you get fast, continuous feedback about where your mail is throughout the delivery process. That enables you to time other telemarketing campaigns with the arrival of your direct mail. We also boost the efficiency of your projects on our premises. Examples include software instructions that tell us automatically when to restock printing inventories for your projects, so that we always have enough, but never too much. And we build templates for regularly occurring jobs, so that you can upload new databases with slight changes for incredibly fast turnarounds. That's FranklinFast.

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The Data Militia

Here's where the buck stops and accountability lives. Whether you choose to upload a project or ask us to manage files, you're never without smart Franklin allies. We assign you a dedicated staff member from our full-time programming department, someone who's intimately familiar with your work and with the project you're pursuing at that moment. Our programmers possess great fluency in many programming languages. They're a critical piece of our direct mail services, and they're the reason our data management keeps your customers king.