Who We Help

Our Clients

For financial firms, entertainment properties, retail companies, marketing agencies and more, we make reaching and retaining customers a pleasure.

At Franklin, communication is our middle name. We convey images and language exceptionally well in a variety of direct mail formats. But what truly differentiates us from the competition is a rare combination of quality, intelligence and caring. For nine decades, we've instilled in our staff a commitment to caring about the success of our customers, a commitment to caring about the quality of our work, and a commitment to caring about the well-being of our community. In a world where customer service is frequently out to lunch, we bring a banquet of helpfulness to your projects.

We also bring a host of skills to the plate. We know that who we communicate to is as important as how we communicate. That's why we invest in professionals whose grasp of data management techniques and programming languages ensures that your direct mail strategically reaches the audience you demand.

The clients who entrust us with their direct mail are people whose businesses and livelihoods depend upon frequent, successful interaction with their customers — businesses like major financial services companies; gaming and hospitality corporations who entertain millions of customers a year; nonprofits who mail to members across the country; retailers who rely on foot traffic every day; and marketing agencies who manage direct mail services for clients.

They come to us because we care about what's important to them: flexibility, cost-saving options, customer service, data quality, security, competitive pricing, accuracy, meeting deadlines, quick turnaround times, and the all-important intangible of going the extra mile.

If your business depends on reaching customers where they live, try Franklin. We'll lace up a new pair of extra-mile shoes just for you.