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Franklin Case Study Consumer

Franklin = Direct Mail times the Speed of Light squared

A global financial services firm desired a turnkey method for shipping special-occasion gift cards to consumers — just the kind of job we're built to deliver. The product would take shape as a greeting card, with a branded Visa card inside valued at $5 to $100. And it had to be fast.

Consumer Case Workflow
Number One The challenge

The client generates traffic through a public website where consumers select a card and dollar value, enter a custom message of up to 160 characters, choose a recipient, select a payment method, and pick a shipping method. Options include USPS, FedEx 2-Day or FedEx Overnight. We would provide a portal for loading, printing and sending the cards.

Number Two The solution

Our Memphis facility receives the orders in real-time. We match requests to the appropriate greeting card, and print gift card messages in batches throughout the day. We assign Visa cards loaded with the correct dollar value to the appropriate greeting card, we bundle the cards, and we ship them the same night.

Number Three The results

Security measures and validation points eliminate the risk of the wrong person receiving the wrong card or incorrect dollar value, and the greeting gift card exceeds all expectations. Best of all, we accomplished incredibly fast turnaround times. By printing cards in batches throughout the day, we're able to take individual orders as late as 10:30 p.m. CDT and deliver cards to recipient homes the very next day. Our FedEx Overnight relationship in Memphis also allows our clients to send standalone Visa gift cards (no greeting card attached) in a companion program that enjoys the same great next-day results.