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Why can't anybody figure this out?

Casino officials were scratching their heads: Why does our direct mail get to our customers late? The casino made the expensive decision to move to first class mail, yet some of the best customers still received invitations late. Finally, casino management decided: Let's ask Franklin.

Number One The challenge

The casino mailed an average of 200,000 pieces of direct mail per month, so paying an extra 12 cents per piece for first class delivery was not an inexpensive proposition. Spending more money also wasn't ensuring that every customer received invitations on time. The bottom line is the casino needed assurance that its best customers would get mailed offers soon enough to use them. And if shipping charges could be saved along the way, so much the better.

Number Two The solution

Franklin Truck We applied our Mail Piece Tracking solution to the challenge and devised methods for measuring who received what when. A Web-enabled solution, Mail Piece Tracking enables clients like the casino to follow their direct mail down to each individual address to see when pieces are delivered. To further eliminate guesswork about which postal method would deliver pieces on time, we analyzed the speed of mail to varying postal codes using standard and first class options. Our tests found 80 percent of the casino's mail could be sent with standard postage, with only the remaining 20 percent requiring more expensive postage.

Number Three The results

By converting 80 percent of the mail back to standard postage, we saved the casino $20,000 a month, or $240,000 per year. We also empowered the casino to meet its primary goal, that of reaching every customer with an offer in time for the customer to participate. The big budget savings were particularly crucial for the casino, which was able to maintain high response levels at lower costs during the recession. Cost-efficient delivery and complete customer satisfaction: That's what we live for.