Who We Are

Community Involvement

At Franklin, business growth and community involvement are inseparable. To succeed in both arenas, we lead by doing. We solve problems, and those solutions move us and our community to a better place.

Here are some ways Franklin

unites innovation and service:

Printing Green Icon Printing Green

Many years before "An Inconvenient Truth" reached the silver screen, Franklin wrestled with its own silver problem. We eliminated the leaching of silver and other printing residues into our community sewer system. We adopted ultraviolet inks that remove volatile organic compounds and alcohol from the printing process. In doing so, we became an innovator in our industry and a leader in our community.

Planting Green Icon Planting Green

After a half-dozen hurricanes hit our home base in five years, Franklin shipped free trees to customers throughout the Gulf South region. Many were planted by Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and hundreds of fresh trees were added to local landscapes.

Community Involvement Remains an Evergreen Standard
Preaching Green Icon Preaching Green

We wanted others to enjoy environmental rewards. So in 1993, we created Ecoman, a comic book Franklin wrote, illustrated and distributed to area schoolchildren and Scouts. Ecoman encouraged them to spread the word about recycling (and all 50,000 copies were printed on recycled paper). We didn't stop there. Franklin helped found the Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council, a nonprofit that collects electronic waste, prevents metals from entering the environment and recycles equipment for schools.

Sharing Green Icon Sharing Green

Of course, our business network doesn't reach into every nook of our community. That's why we also invest in nonprofit agencies and leaders who solve problems outside our areas of expertise. Franklin annually sets the pace for giving generously to the Capital Area United Way, which bestowed the Tocqueville Society Award upon our late chief executive Jensen Holliday. The award honored Holliday, who served on dozens of charitable boards during his life, for extraordinary service and commitment to the community.