Who We Are

Our Culture

We Embody Quality

At Franklin, we empower data to deliver direct mail in an uncommonly professional manner. We embody quality, and we invest in equipment and protocols that match our commitment to continuous improvement.

Companies often talk about quality being part of their culture. At Franklin, quality is our culture. We build intelligence into your data and employ data hygiene techniques, so that your mail matches the desired destinations with clean, up-to-date information. From data uploads to drop shipping to final addresses, our direct mail experience surrounds your job with the accuracy and control you’d expect from single-piece shipping.

Yet we excel at the biggest jobs. Our seasoned programmers and precision printers keep in close touch with customers on a regular basis, because we believe good relationships build better business for all of us. We’re happy to carry the entire load for customers, but we also design industry-leading tools like FranklinFast, which places the power to upload and automate jobs in your hands.

For more than 102 years, Franklin has pursued a mission to print and mail jobs with an authentic, honest, continuous commitment to quality. Today, we’ve evolved as a leading provider of data-empowered direct mail.