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Franklin API
Create a secure and seamless “hands-free” system integration for automated fulfillment and direct mail

Looking to trigger fulfillment or direct mail campaigns from inside your system? FranklinAPI gives you direct and secure access to automate the transmission of these requests to Franklin. Our systems take it from there – through our production process and out the door to your customers!

What is an API?

API stands for “application programming interface”, and is a set of protocols and tools that are used for building software and applications. FranklinAPI is a defined set of “building blocks” that gives your IT team all the necessary components to directly connect with Franklin to not only send fulfillment and direct mail requests, but also to receive information back about the status of those requests, both during production and after they enter the delivery stream.


FranklinAPI allows you to send your requests in multiple ways. Want to send each record individually as soon as it’s ready to process? No problem! Our system will store each record, and batch them together according to your business rules. We can process them daily, weekly, according to a custom schedule, or based on quantity (for example, once the requests reach a quantity that qualifies for a postage discount). Want to send the entire set of data for a job, and have us begin processing it immediately? We’ve got that covered as well.

Detailed Status and Tracking Information

FranklinAPI gives you the ability to “ping” our system at any time and receive back detailed information on your requests. With one call, you’ll receive information about the overall status (where it is in the production process), tracking information (once a job has been completed and is in the delivery stream), NCOA (change of address) details for jobs where NCOA is requested, and ACS (electronic returned and forwarded mail) details where applicable.

Like every job that enters our facility, your FranklinAPI-driven projects will be governed by our commitments to security, quality, and fast turnaround times.

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