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Mail and Fulfillment Automation

Whether you have a repetitive direct mail campaign on your radar or a fulfillment program you’re looking to implement, Franklin has a solution to meet your needs. We’re rooted in our commitment to automation, a focus on quick turnaround times, a reputation for superior customer service, and the latest in digital print technology – and we’re ready to make it happen for you.

We recognize that no two customers are exactly alike, and that no two campaigns are alike. For that reason, you'll see us tackle each project with tenacity and intelligence. We find ways for financial firms to welcome customers personally in numerous ways. We find avenues for consumer companies to deliver gift cards to customers within hours of a request. We find ways for gaming corporations to reach hundreds of thousands of customers a month — on time, at a lower cost.

These are real stories from real-world companies. Keep reading below to learn more about a few of the systems we've built to help you achieve marketing greatness, then put on your thinking cap and ponder what we can do for you. Ready to make it happen AND score 200 FREE Leads*? Click here!

FranklinFast Automation

Our FranklinFast Automation direct mail system gives you the freedom to run a mailing job online 24/7. We’ve created a broad range of templates that drive configurable workflows and check your uploaded art and data files for issues – with instant feedback. This system is ideal for repeat campaigns like marketing mailings, notification letters, onboarding programs, etc.

Once your files are submitted, our system (built on 20+ years of automation technology) will process your files through our sophisticated mailing engines, and you’ll receive an online proof within minutes. Upon approval, your order is automatically added to our virtual ticketing system and ready for production.

Learn more about FranklinFast Automation.


Online print ordering has never been easier than via our Emporium platform. Similar to FranklinFast, it’s ideal for print materials like flyers, posters, business cards, etc. – and has numerous customization options for editing on the fly.

Emporium Ordering
Bulk Shipping and Fulfillment

We’ve built systems that empower us to create and process large quantities of shipments via USPS (Priority Mail), FedEx, and UPS. We can ship letters (for guaranteed delivery by a specific date) or packages for you, with the option of including marketing collateral or gifts in the shipment.

To take it to the next level, we can include a personalized insert with each shipment. We print a small, discreet barcode on each insert that when scanned prints the shipping label for that specific recipient to ensure a foolproof match between the insert and the shipping label. (Just another example of our commitment to quality and accuracy!)

Marketing Piece

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