Introducing the new Franklin Client Portal!

The new Franklin Client Portal offers a more intuitive user interface and in-depth tracking analytics, with 24-7 access to a wealth of job-related information.

15 Printing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Here’s an illustrated list of the top 15 printing mistakes and errors you should avoid. This article is aimed mainly at inexperienced designers, but there’s also a few tips and further resources in it for seasoned designers, too. We all make mistakes, so here’s a resource that […]

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Global Study: Most People Highly Value Paper and Print

Submitted by: Phil Riebel 06/06/2017

Two Sides publishes key results of global survey on the Attractiveness and Sustainability of Paper and Print

The recent issue of Paper360 (May/June) features consumer survey results on global attitudes towards paper and print, as well as toward corporate environmental claims promoting […]

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A Smarter Way to send Certified Mail

Many businesses find it necessary to send letters via Certified Mail. These include collections, legal notices, insurance information and other important documents. One major headache has been filling out forms and green cards manually, and often facing long waits at the post office.

The USPS has […]

Address Change Service (ACS) – Harnessing Its Benefits

In June of 2015, we wrote on this blog about how ACS can reduce your Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) Mail and, in the process, save you on return mail fees – currently $1.17 per piece.  Click here to read that post:

A large number of […]

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Drivetime Marketing – Tips, Tools and Tricks to Drive Your Marketing

The latest Drivetime Marketing podcast features Franklin’s Craig Chumney and Matt Holliday.  Did you know Millennials are responding to direct mail? That was a surprise. We guess mail isn’t dead, after all.

To listen to the complete podcast and pick up some tricks and tips to help […]

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USPS Gets PRC OK for a 2017 Price Rise

USPS prices are going up in 2017. First Class mail goes from 47 to 49 cents on Jan. 22, with other products seeing varying price increases.

On Tuesday, the PRC approved all postage raises USPS requested, except for […]

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65 North American Companies Remove “Go Paperless – Go Green” Claims

Two Sides Campaign Continues to Gain Traction as Major Brand Name Companies Change Marketing Campaigns Used to Promote Electronic Services

CHICAGO (September 22, 2016) – Today, Two Sides North America, Inc. confirmed that over 65 leading North American companies have removed inaccurate anti-paper claims as a […]

Back To School – Postal Optimization 101

As our children begin a new school year, we thought it would be a great time to post some “study notes” on the data hygiene services Franklin performs on your mail files.  These services ensure that your mail is delivered quickly and accurately at the […]

15 Tried and True Rules for Direct Mail From A Legend

There seems to be as many theories regarding nonprofit direct mail as there are about the weather. No other area of today’s fundraising world has as many consultants and “experts” making their opinions known on a single subject.

Perhaps this is the case because it is relatively […]

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